The Ethically EnGaged Leaders Program (EEGL) is a co-curricular program that seeks to promote ethics and integrity at Emory University. 

EEGL engages students in experiences that support their development as ethically engaged leaders, including opportunities to reflect on their values, goals, and actions with a faculty or staff mentor. The program is open to undergraduate students and must be completed within three semesters of enrollment.

The program includes four primary components: 

  • Participation in a mentorship experience
  • Participation in EIP signature and sponsored events
  • Completion of an ethics course
  • Participation in an elective leadership experience

While participating in EEGL, students will receive:

  •  Unique opportunities to apply for grant-funded, community-based experiences
  •  Recognition for many of the out-of-the-classroom opportunities students are already pursuing
  •  One-on-one mentoring relationship with an Emory faculty or staff member

Students who complete the program will receive:

  •  Certificate of Completion
  •  Recognition at the Emory Campus Life spring awards ceremony
  •  Program pin to be worn at Emory’s graduation
  •  Celebration reception with Dean Nair and other notable administrators, faculty, and staff

Undergraduate students enrolled at either campus are eligible to enroll. Students must enroll by the spring semester of their junior year. Applications are open until September 15, 2018.