Emory Integrity Principles

Consistently and reliably acting with honor, humility, and helpfulness.
  • Honor
    Ethically reliable thinking and behavior, which in challenging situations may require moral courage.
  • Humility
    Other-regarding behaviors and attitudes, including respect for and consideration of differing viewpoints, along with an awareness of one’s own limitations and imperfections.
  • Helpfulness
    An interest in and willingness to assist others in fostering their legitimate goals, interests, or aims.

Learning Outcomes

Students engaged in opportunities that centered around Emory Integrity and developed their honor, humility, and helpfulness. As a result of engaging with our initiatives, students were able to:
  • Know, understand, and apply the Emory Integrity definition as well as the H3 model;
  • Identify personal values and how those values intersect with Emory Integrity, honor, humility, and helpfulness;
  • Gain permission to act and respond in ways that align with their values in challenging circumstances;
  • Respect and engage with the individual and diverse values of others;
  • Develop the ability to identify situations that require moral courage;
  • Engage in the practice of shaping the Emory Identity and recognize their ability to positively impact their organizations and communities by acting with integrity.