The Emory Integrity Project was an initiative dedicated to deepening and strengthening the culture of integrity at Emory. Focused primarily on undergraduates, the project engaged students through a comprehensive program of co-curricular activities and intellectual engagements designed to challenge perspectives, encourage ethical reflection, and promote moral courage and principled action.


Emory Integrity is consistently and reliably acting with honor, humility, and helpfulness.

Honor is ethically reliable thinking and behavior, which in challenging situations may require
moral courage.

Humility is other-regarding behaviors and attitudes, including respect for and consideration of differing viewpoints, along with an awareness of one’s own limitations and imperfections.

Helpfulness is an interest in and willingness to assist others in fostering their legitimate goals, interests, and aims.


Each year the Emory Integrity Project team designated a yearly theme for undergraduate students that highlighted some aspect of ethics and integrity. The theme aided in the selection of the Common Read, as a guide to planning residence hall and university-wide programs, and for use by faculty in courses.

In cooperation with the Emory Integrity Project, all first-year students engaged in integrity based curriculum in the Health 100 course.

In the fall of 2017, the EIP launched a campus-wide, co-curricular program called Ethically EnGaged Leaders (EEGL).  Although the EIP has ended, EEGL continues to seek to enhance the ethical leadership student's are currently engaged in, while pairing them with a mentor to better understand and reflect upon their collegiate experiences. 

In an effort to bolster integrity within Campus Life, we previously collaborated to enhance initiatives
with existing programs including:

  • Volunteer Emory
  • Residence Life Hall Programs
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life Workshops
  • Intersections Retreat
  • Flourish Emory and Happiness Boot Camp
  • Sustainability Events
  • Barkley Forum Events
  • Dinner with 12 Strangers
  • Emory Athletics Workshops